Infolines are information services for residents of non-EU states residing or traveling in Poland

Infolines are information services for residents of non-EU states residing or traveling in Poland

It generally does not offer info on asylum-related issues.

What exactly is work license?

A work license is just a document that authorizes a foreigner to focus lawfully in Poland.

The license suggests the ongoing business that entrusts the execution of work towards the foreigner plus the place or even the style of work that the foreigner would be to perform. The job is consequently thought to be appropriate only when the foreigner does the work identified into the license.

This means if the foreigner really wants to alter jobs (for example. modification boss and / or position and / or industry) for which he could be used, he’s got to get a permit that is new. But, there are several circumstances when the license remains legitimate despite a noticeable modification into the circumstances which is why it was granted.

The license is legitimate when it comes to duration which is why it absolutely was granted. The expression of legitimacy associated with license is suggested in the document.
A work license is required both to take up work on such basis as an work agreement along with civil legislation contracts – additional information on agreements is available here ->

The entity entrusting the foreigner utilizing the execution of work relates for a ongoing work license for the foreigner – what’s an entity entrusting a foreigner aided by the performance of work? -> In the following sections, the entity entrusting the foreigner with all the performance of work is called the «employer».

The license is released by the Voivode competent for the chair / host to residence for the company.

Whom calls for work license in Poland?

A foreigner that is perhaps maybe not just a country of an EU Member State is eligible to perform operate in the Republic of Poland on such basis as work license if he legitimately resides in Poland on such basis as: